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Tips Keto diet

How I lost 31lbs in 30days with the Keto diet

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How I lost 31lbs in 30days with the Keto diet

keto diet. in 2017 I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis and it was a devastating blow to me I gained 54 pounds in three months and finally, after a year of hard work I was able to drop the 54 pounds I found a program and worked out and after a long year, the weight was gone.

 but most importantly it allowed me to do something I hadn’t been able to do before which was carry a viable pregnancy and this was truly amazing to me it had been three years that I couldn’t do that and I’d always wanted to be a mom since I was a little girl I decided that during my pregnancy I was going to be as healthy as possible I was going to watch my food intake I ain’t clean I made sure that I had physical activity every single day I really wanted to make sure I was doing right by my baby and my body during pregnancy and the result of that was at nine months pregnant I had only gained 15 pounds.

so when I went in to give birth to my son it was a shock to me when he came out as an eight-pound baby so I didn’t really gain a lot of weight at all in my pregnancy Harrison was born in January 7th, 2019 and I was ecstatic my body responded really well to postpartum I had a really quick recovery and within 20 days I was able to fit back into my clothes that I wore pre-pregnancy.

I decided to maintain a healthy lifestyle and workout and really make sure that I was staying healthy for my child at my eight-week postpartum I was 5 pounds less than I was when I got pregnant and at my 12-week postpartum I was even less than that and I felt great I had no postpartum symptoms and my doctor wanted me to come in for extra screenings because I have Hashimoto’s and with the hormone imbalances in my family history with depression he was really worried about postpartum depression setting in with me.

but I felt great I looked great I was the healthiest I had been in years and everything was going great until around 16 weeks postpartum when all of my postpartum symptoms started to hit my hair was falling out in clumps my mood destabilized completely I started self-medicating by eating my feelings by going out and getting sugary Carvey drinks by drinking wine every night I wound up breaking out and cystic acne my autoimmune flared up like crazy I had psoriasis patches start forming all down my body and when I went for help in October I had gained 35 pounds.

I was so crushed by this I had just spent two years getting my health back under control and I had let it go within just six months I decided after I got a medication for postpartum that I was gonna really work on myself I started my 21-day program I really honed in my nutrition I woke up every morning at 5:00 a.m. to work out at 6:00 a.m. I started to eat low carb and really watch my fat intake really watch every single calorie that went into my body I didn’t drink alcohol and when I went in for my 30-day way and imagine how devastated I was to find out I’d gained three pounds.

it might be my increased I decided not to give up I still continued working out I dialed my nutrition and even more I decided to do a harder workout program I was miserable I when low-carb low-fat my meals were basically nothing I was trying to get myself healthy again and it didn’t work I gained another two pounds from that and at my son’s first birthday I hid my body under a poncho because while I was there I was now 15 pounds heavier than the day I went in to deliver him my auto-immune went crazy.

my joints started flaring up my arthritis burned I started breaking out even worse in psoriasis patches all down my back my physical body completely turned on me and I felt hopeless that’s when my doctor suggested I start the ketogenic diet I was really afraid to do it because I thought how can this work I couldn’t wrap my head around the science but I worked with a nutritionist and I decided to trust the process and I had Kido flu for the first 14 days and I didn’t realize how hard laden and sugar-heavy my diet was after being on keto.

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for ten days I started feeling much better but I wasn’t really impressed with the way I looked and that was when I decided to add eggs a Janus ketones into my health regimen and that is when everything changed I still kept with the ketogenic diet I stayed under 26 net carbs but I just added ketones every day and I couldn’t believe the difference I had energy I started sleeping better at night I could focus my mood was stabilizing my psoriasis was clearing up my face cleared up and I was just amazed that in 10 days difference I could just see this phenomenal change in myself I could still eat foods that didn’t leave me wanting anything I still drink wine during this 10 days.

I made sure that I included exciting recipes that made me want to eat food unlike other programs where you know you’re counting containers and you don’t want to go over what you can have here I just felt seated all the time and the ketones kept me in ketosis I never came out of it even drinking wine even having these amazing meals and when the end of that 10 days came up and I was coming on 20 days total of being on keto my results were insane I never see results like this my body just doesn’t change these are results that took me four months to get on other programs within 14 days of using ketones.

this is what I looked like this is Rico this is me this is unbelievable every time I look at these pictures I am blown away this is just 14 days 15 days 16 days of being on exogenous ketones eating food I loved having snacks that sated me I woke up in the morning happy and full of energy and I just felt amazing I feel amazing and if I can do this anyone can do this I have arthritis I have Hashimoto’s I am on medication for postpartum depression and Here I am giving these results fitting into clothes I couldn’t wear 30 days ago.

they couldn’t fit over my thighs and I just want everyone to know that they can feel this good they can eat this good they can sleep this good everyone deserves to feel like this.

If you see that my story is motivating, share it on social media, Facebook and Twitter, and with your friends. Until you give them a motivational dose for not giving up. And continue to achieve the best.

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