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7 day ketogenic diet meal plan

Ketogenic Diet – 7 Day Ketogenic Diet Meal Plan

The ketogenic diet (often referred to as keto diet ) dates back to the Twenties and was created by medical specialist Dr. Henry Geyelin to treating encephalopathy.

In 1921 Geyelin found that sort of food that he suggested includes a positive result on however the body processes nutrients, resulting in fewer attacks in patients. it’s terribly the same as the Atkins diet.

Actually section induction with the Atkins diet is ketogenic diet. fundamentals behind ketogenic diet is to scale back the carbohydrates intake and replace them with healthy fats and macromolecule. during this article, we are going to gift you example of seven-day ketogenic diet plan.

Seven 7 day ketogenic diet meal plan:

01 First-day Ketogenic Diet Meal Plan

  • Breakfast
  • Eggs, bacon and tomato
  • Lunch 
  • Chicken salad with olive oil and feta cheese
  • Dinner
  •  Salmon with asparagus cooked in butter

02 the second day ketogenic Diet Meal Plan

  • Breakfast
  • Eggs, tomatoes, goat cheese and basil
  • Lunch
  • Peanut butter, almond milk, cocoa butter and milkshake with stevia
  • Dinner
  • Meatballs with vegetables and cheddar cheese

03 the third-day Ketogenic Diet Meal Plan

  • Breakfast
  • Keto milkshake
  • Lunch
  • Salad of prawns with avocado and olive oil
  • Dinner
  • Pork shops with broccoli, parmesan cheese and salad

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