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Tips Keto diet

10 Things You Shouldn’t Do on Keto

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keto diet

10 Things You Shouldn’t Do on Keto

keto diet. hey, guys Leon here from healthful pursuit calm and if you’re eating keto or just starting I’m sharing eight things that you shouldn’t do on the keto diet stay tuned I have put together my experience on the keto diet and things that you should never do and I also paneled the healthful pursuit community for things that they wish they could tell themselves way back when they started the keto diet so hold on to your hats because this could just change everything for you so here is 08 things that you shouldn’t do starting with.

01- number one force yourself to intermittent fast when you’re dying of hunger intermittent fasting is intended to help you extend your ketogenic experience but not torture you so if you’re able to fast naturally and you’re not hungry that’s awesome if you’re hungry then you should eat.

02- number two is continue to eat eggs coconut bacon nuts any of like classic keto foods when they give you digestive problems and make your mouth itchy they give you a rash like stop eating those foods because your body clearly doesn’t like them and you can still be ketogenic without eating the classic ketogenic foods.

03- number three is you shouldn’t try to convince your friends or convert your family members over to keto if a person is interested in your eating style or they’re curious about why you’re eating so much fat and they approach you awesome do it.

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