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Tips Keto diet

The main reasons why you don’t lose weight on keto diet?

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Not Losing Weight on Keto? here are the reason why

Weight loss. Hi guys, my name is Gloria Cruz from Washington, welcome back to my website today, and I’ll talk to you about what you should do if you hit a plateau or you can’t lose weight after a ketogenic diet.

many people get started on the ketogenic low-carb high-fat diet to lose weight feel great gain energy gain focused clarity all of the amazing benefits that come along with being in ketosis but sometimes after the initial loss which can be incredible at first because you lose a lot of water weight when you’re following the ketogenic diet your body is not retaining and holding on to a lot of water now what happens is you shift your metabolism from burning glucose and sugar for fuel as this primary fuel source to burning fat for fuel and there are some reasons you may hit a stall you may end up just be being basically plateaued after that initial loss so I’m gonna give you some ideas to help you get past that and help you move along in your journey on reaching your ultimate goal following the ketogenic lifestyle.

so guys when you follow the ketogenic lifestyle what’s really cool is you’re gonna find that you can eat less because the food you’re eating is much more satisfying so you shouldn’t be hungry you shouldn’t be going hungry at all and if you’re maximizing the benefit of that you should be adding an intermittent fasting .

in there and that is really my tip number one if you hit a stall check if you are staffing constantly if you are spending your entire day basically eating just eating even ketogenic foods that can be a part of your plan they can follow the macros that can be perfect but if you’re not allowing your body time to have a break from insulin spikes because if you’re eating your body is producing insulin so in that situation you just want to take a look at that and you want to ask yourself are you eating more than three times a day if the answer is yes then you need to eat more within each meal so that you can spread out the time in between meals.(The rest of the text is on the next page…

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