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Mobile Phone Sterilizer-keys and hands accessories.

MOBILE STERILIZER: first UV Mobile sterilizer. Its a UV sterilizer box kills the germs for iPhone, Blackberry, Huawei, Samsung, Beauty toolings, Oppo telephone, etc.

 KILLS 99.99 % OF BACTERIA WITH UV LIGHT. Our patented design is the only device that will completely sanitize your entire phone.

Mobilizer kills 99.99% of all bacteria on your phone and tools. It sits on a UV transparent plate, surrounded by a proven UV germicidal U V C light and reflective interior. In order to kill bacteria and viruses.

Please stay healthy. All our phones collect all the bacteria that we touch throughout the day as the bacteria multiply and grow. Our phones are a refuge for bacteria, and we have never washed them! Stay healthy by keeping your devices clean with the Mobilizer Sterilizer box.

Thanks to this sterile box for mobile phones. It also sterilizes what suits you from the inside, smartwatches, and headphones to credit cards, keys and hands accessories.

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