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Low Carb Pancakes 5 Tips for Making Taste Like the Real Deal

Low Carb Pancakes 5 Tips for Making Taste Like the Real Deal

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Low carb Pancakes I gave up grains a few years ago, and I’ve never felt better. Now, this isn’t me preaching to you to eat like I do—we all have to find the eating style that works for us as individuals. For me it’s mostly paleo, and low-ish in carbs (paleo isn’t necessarily low-carb, but that’s a topic for another day). But definitely no grains for me, thanks.

Still, the siren’s call to foods traditionally made with grain—pancakes, pizza, cookies, etc.—is just as strong. So I’ve had to learn to make it work. I gave up grains, but there’s no way I’m giving up pancakes. No. Way.

Here are some of the tricks I’ve learned over time, from trial and error, from other people’s paleo recipes online, etc. Utilizing these tips has let me have my paleo and eat my pancakes, too. I hope you find them useful—and by all means, if you have more, please share.

1. Your pancake base needs to be a blend ( low carb pankaces )

The goal is always fluffy pancakes—you want to be able to make a batch that you can eat, but that your white-flour-eating friends will enjoy, too. The secret to this is using a combination of grain-free flours. Almonds flour, coconut flour and arrowroot are my go-tos; sometimes I use two of them, sometimes all three. But always a mix. Coconut flour on its own is kind of grainy (ironically) and sucks up too much moisture; almond flour by itself yields heavy pancakes. Arrowroot is too carby. But mix them and the magic happens. Read Next……


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