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Keto Egg Wraps breakfast

Keto Egg Wraps breakfast

Keto Egg Wraps breakfast, Zero carb Keto Egg Wraps – just eggs with a little bit of seasoning cooked in pancake form. Use these as a replacement for regular tortillas and wraps .

Ingredients for Keto Egg Wraps breakfast

  • non-stick spray
  • 2 egg
  • 1 chive, finely chopped
  • salt and pepper
  • Wrap filling suggestions: cooked bacon, avocado, deli meat, cheese, veggies, ham, guacamole


  1. Heat a small non-stick skillet and spray it generously with non-stick spray. Beat the egg in a jug and add the chopped chive, salt and pepper.
  2. Add the egg mixture to the skillet and heat until it has cooked on one side. Flip it over, and cook on the other side.
  3. Slide the cooked egg wrap onto a plate, and load it up with whatever you like.

NURITIONS: Amount Per Serving

Calories 180kcal
Carbohydrates 0,5g

Tips keto Diet For Beginners

No fruit, unless it’s berries in moderation…
No wheat
No sugar
No grains
No pasta
No potatoes
No rice
No beans
No starches
No milk as it’s loaded with sugar. ( unsweetened almond milk is recommended.)
HWC (Heavy whipping cream) is good in coffee or whatever you would like to use it for.
Meat, cheese, eggs, vegetable, nuts, and healthy fats. It’s simple. Stick to that, and you should be ok!
Vegetables that should be avoided are…
Sweet potatoes
Carrots – can be used in moderation, just don’t go over board. They are full of starches and not recommended.
Make sure to drink half your body weight In oz of water as well if you aren’t getting the adequate amount of water it can be bad for your kidneys! This applies for all forms of keto.
Do not forget your electrolytes, they are needed daily.
A good form of electrolytes is:
Powerade zero
Pickle juice
Pink Himalayan salt added to your food
Strict keto – counts all macros, do not eat processed foods.
Lazy keto – doesn’t track all macros, still eats processed foods, as long as they are on plan
Macros are a break down of the calories you intake for the day. Which should be…
5% carbs
20% protein
75% fat
Carb manager is a great app to track macros
Carbs are a limit – try not to go over your carb limit.
Fat is a lever – you don’t have to meet your fat macro, it’s simply there to help you get full.
Protein is a goal- try your best to reach your protein goal, but try not to go over. Excessive amounts of protein can cause you to stall in weight loss.
Anything other than this food group selection would be considered low carb. Also, if you are in ketosis, and eat outside of this food group not only could it take you out of ketosis, but it could spike your blood sugar! Which can make you sick.
Hope this helps.
If you are a keto newbie- This should help

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