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Tips Keto diet

keto diet May change the smell of your vagina

keto diet May change the smell of your vagina

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The keto diet — a low-carb, high-fat diet that emphasizes the high consumption of meat, cheese, fatty fish, and different animal merchandise — has several reportable unpleasant facet effects.

Some followers of the diet have noted that their breath smells like rotten fruit or in some cases, metallic, like nail varnish remover. However, others have tough one thing even additional unsavory: “keto crotch.”

Social media users United Nations agency adhere to the keto diet have reportable Associate in Nursing unpleasant smell coming back from their duct. Yes. This, apparently, maybe an authenticity that’s happening.

One Reddit user the same, “I am very, SMELLY. It started on [the keto] diet and BV (bacterial vaginosis) simply popped up with retribution.

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