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8 things you must know before starting a ketogenic diet

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8 things you must know before starting a ketogenic diet

hey guys today I’m gonna be talking to you all about my tips to have a very successful and sustainable ketogenic diet. my name is Sophia I am a nutritionist from Chicago USA and I also earn a blog and a gym, so I’ve been following a ketogenic diet for around nine months now to help reduce symptoms and improve my PCOS a ketogenic diet.

can be an incredibly powerful tool when it does come to battling some health conditions such as type 2 diabetes epilepsy Alzheimer’s and PCOS just to name a few I believe there are a lot of unhealthy ways to do heaters such as all the bulletproof coffees and all the processed meats and that kind of thing I try to avoid that style of cater and I personally like to cut out any caffeinated or any stimulant products at all I have my dairy and nut intake at an absolute minimum and I try to focus on really really Whole Foods as much as possible and getting organic free-range etc etc.

01) my first point is to get a full panel of blood tests run every few months while you’re on keto.

02) my second point is to get a jewel glucometer which reads both your blood sugar and your blood ketone levels and you’re going to test that multiple times a day you can get those ketone P sticks but after a while like the longer you’re in heater the less accurate they become so this is a more accurate way to read those levels. (The rest of the text is on the next page…

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